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Aligning Ceiling Grids, Lights and Accessories

All at Once.

Create more walls with less work using the Instawall command on multiple lines.

Auto Dimension Like a Boss

Dimension multiple walls quickly and accurately with the Auto Dimension tool.

Color-Coding Custom Items

When using a lot of Custom Items, organize them visually for your 2D view.

Copying Styles

For furniture system finishes, use this simple to command to design quickly.

Create More Than Your Typical Thumbnail...

Make ICE your own by customizing your Typicals thumbnails.

Creating Project-specific Folders

Keep projects organized with folders for Styles and Typicals.

Don't Be a Square

Draw, edit and adjust custom-shaped Floors in your layout.

Drawing to Specific Dimensions

ICE gives you several ways to create accurate layouts.

Elevate to New Heights

Use Snap Lines to create multiple wall heights in ICE.

Faceted Walls, Part 1

Leverage ICEcad* to draw accurate faceted DIRTT Wall Layouts.

Faceted Walls, Part 2

Covers using stick-built for faceted wall layouts.

Faceted Walls, Part 3

Covers adding different types of doors to faceted wall runs.

Glass Transparency in Revit

Enhance (and correct) glass tiles exported from ICE to Revit.

ICE Search (and Rescue)

Locate specific products in the Product Palette with the click of a mouse.


The Property Editor you never knew existed.

Instablock in ICE

Instablock DWG or DXF files of furniture typicals in ICE.

Keep Us Posted

How to draw extra Posts for stock or on-site fixes to increase your order accuracy

Less is More

Less is more when it comes to setting your CTRL+Z limit in ICE

Make Art, Not Work

Fully personalize your client's space with logos and custom wall art.

Merge Files

Make two ICE files become one.

No Import Tax Required

Plans changing will never slow you down again. Update CAD plans using this import trick.

Not Just Your Typical Solution...

Find yourself repeating the same task? Create a Typical to use it over and over again.

Peel Back the Layers

Control you layers to become a power user.

Same Attributes, Different Assets

Select specific types of objects you want to edit in your layout.

Saving for All Sessions

Make your Wall Styles or Typicals available every time you open ICE.

Seamless Floor Textures

Utilizing seamless textures in ICE will leave you floored

Sharing in ICE is Typical...

Make mom proud by sharing your Typicals in ICE.

Snap to it!

Feel the exact, crisp grab as your i-lines connect perfectly when using Snap and Ortho in ICE!

Vertical Blinds

No need to import a Custom Item, use Arch Walls to create window treatments.

VIDEO ICE Tip: Under Cabinet Lighting Effects

Create an under-cabinet lighting effect using Custom Items.

Waste not, want not...

Control your ICE workspace by collapsing or expanding the Palette.

Windows/Pass-through in DIRTT Walls

Navigate the options for making different types of openings in DIRTT Walls.

Windows System Borders

Turn on System Borders in ICE to use Windows 7's gestures (if you want).

Working with the Light Grid

How to turn the Automatic Light Grid into a Manual Light Grid you can edit.

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