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Feel the exact, crisp grab as your i-Lines connect perfectly when using Snap and Ortho in ICE!


What's in it for you:


Draw and Snap accurately for any type of layout

Reduce drawing times in ICE2D

Use precise angles for unusual or angular layouts

Greater control over object placement


How you do it:


In the ICE2D tool bar, right-click either the Ortho or Snap buttons to adjust the settings for each.


Adjusting Snap:


The larger the number entered, the larger the Snap Radius. ICE defaults to 1.0. The recommended settings (0.5 - 2.0) should work for most layouts.


Using a smaller radius in Snap is best for dense layouts. It enables you to accurately Snap to objects in your layout while minimizing error.

Using a larger radius in Snap is good for starting layouts.

A larger radius is also good for working on large layouts while you're zoomed out.


Adjusting Ortho (or Snap Rotation):


Ortho gives you the ability to draw at specific angles. ICE defaults to 90 degrees.


Setting Ortho to 30 degrees, for example, allows you to draw i-Lines at every 30 degree increment, i.e. 30, 60, 90, 120, etc.

Turning Ortho off allows you to draw at any angle.


















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