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Create more walls with less work using the Instawall command on multiple lines.


What's in it for you:


Turn a complete layout into walls with a single command.

Save time by creating multiple i-lines at the same time.

Easily convert back to lines at any time.


How to:


1.Select multiple lines to Instawall with one of these methods:

a.CTRL+A = selects EVERYTHING in the file

b.Box-select the lines you want

c.With CTRL or SHIFT, click-select the lines you want



Note: Your lines can be ICE Lines or Snap Lines from the Geometry folder as well as lines imported in from a DXF or DWG.


2.Right-click, select the Instawall command then choose the wall style from the Product Palette (Fixed Wall and Architectural Wall can also be used).


You Can Always Go Back:


Make a mistake? Fix it by reverting the same steps to convert your walls back into lines:


1.Select the walls you want to convert back to lines

2.Right-click and select Instawall

3.From the Product Palette, go to the Geometry folder and select Line or Snap Line


Advanced ICEtip(s):


If you draw your layout in ICE, Snap Lines are better for accuracy since they snap to each other.

For layouts with multiple wall styles, select only the lines to be converted to the style. For best results, convert lines in this order: Architectural or Fixed Walls first, then glass fronts, then intermediate walls.

Instawall can also be used in ICEcad, from the ICEcad Tools menu.






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