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The Property Editor you never knew existed.


Who can use it:


ICEsheet requires a license and is available for any Experience or Vivid furniture catalog.


What’s in it for you:


"Quickly change properties on similar items

"Easily locate items in ICE2D

"Edit in a familiar spreadsheet interface


How You Do It:


"Open ICEsheet for your manufacturer

       from the Reports pull-down menu


"In ICEsheet, highlighting the line item selects ALL of those items in the layout


"Once highlighted, go to Properties by either right-clicking or the Edit pull-down menu. Changing any Property or Finish will update all the items selected


Advanced ICEtip:


Use ICEsheet to locate a wayward finish in your layout. This is very helpful on larger layouts to locate and identify items with the wrong finish.

If you have a chair with the wrong finish, pulling up ICEsheet shows all items as a separate line item based on their properties.
Select the single chair in ICEsheet, and ICE will highlight it in ICE2D and ICE3D, make any adjustments  to match the item with the others






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