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ICErender Tips & Tricks

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Topics in this section:


The Classic Reveal

Reveal a Classic Way to Use ICE Better

Coloring Lights

Give your lights some color for more realism or more drama.

Render People Transparent

Set the transparency level for 3D people to create an interesting rendering effect.

Setup an ICE file for Printing

Print quality renderings like a professional.

Shine a Light On It

Control your shadows to add drama to your renderings.

Simulating Sunlight

Add another level of realism to your Reveal or ICErender images by simulating sunlight.

Sky High

Take your layout to new heights by adding a Sky to ICE 3D.

Time is on your side...

Use these easy tips to decrease your rendering time in ICE.

Using Fill Lighting

How to add lights in key locations to fill out the lighting scheme in your renderings.

White-on-white Renderings

Create a quality rendering with an all-white background and save the settings to use later.

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