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Add another level of realism to your Reveal or ICErender images by simulating sunlight.


Getting Started:


The Distant Light is specifically designed to act as the sun in ICE, so you only need one to get sunlight in your layout. For best results you file should include a building perimeter with windows, and a ceiling:



1.The building perimeter is easily made with Architectural Walls and Windows. You don't need to create the whole building perimeter, just in the areas that are necessary.


2.Ceilings are added via Properties of the Basic Floor, found in the Architectural folder.



Locate the sun:



1.Insert a Distant Light. Since the light rays from the Distant Light are all parallel, it doesn’t matter where you place it in the model. However, to get a rough idea of the angle light will be entering your space, insert it so it straddles the building perimeter, with the Target end of the Distant Light inside your space.


2.For most of North America, the sun is usually between ~ 20 degrees  to ~70 degrees above the horizon.  Splitting the difference is 45 degrees, which is easy to setup and makes a good starting point (you can always adjust it later).


3.The Distant Light defaults to a height of 100”, or 8’-4”.  So to achieve a 45 degree angle, the Target must be 8”-4” away. Use the Dimension Tool to temporarily locate the 8’-4” distance from the Distant Light.  


4.Click on the Target end and move it to align with the dimension.




Properties and Settings:



1.Right-click the Distant Light and go to Properties. Change all Properties as shown. Set the Light Color to a pale yellow so the sunlight has a warm cast.


2.Open Render Settings and go to the Render Styles/Advanced Illumination tab. Change the Settings as shown. Set the Environmental Light to a pale blue to achieve a cool glow coming in through the windows. Its blue because the sky is blue.






Test it:



1.Click Photo Render to see the results.


2.Adjust the sun’s location or settings, like Brightness and Shadow Softness, to suit your style for the effects you are trying to achieve.


3.Apply sunscreen as needed.








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