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Control your shadows to add drama to your renderings.


What Are We Talking About?


Are your renderings a bit too "flat" or washed out? It might be because your shadows don't "pop" enough to add the desired depth you are looking for. Add depth by adjusting the shadows in ICE 3D.


What's in it for you:


Control the overall look of your Photo Renderings by adding depth

Create your own visual style to distinguish your work


How to do it:


The above image 'No adjustments' is a typical rendering with no shadow adjustments. Nice, but it looks a bit flat.


1.In ICE 3D, go to the Render Styles menu, select Render Styles \Advanced Illumination tab. Check the Enable box, click OK and re-render. Lots more depth! But perhaps you would rather have the shadows appear less grainy.

2.Go back to the Render Style Settings dialog box and slide the Quality Samples bar all the way to the right, so the value is now 256. Click OK and re-render. Very nice! The shadows now appear quite smooth, although they might be a bit intense.

3.To control the intensity of the shadows, go back to the Render Style Settings dialog and change the Shadow Range value. The lower the value, the lower the intensity. Your mileage may vary depending on the layout. In this example, we changed the value down to 16. Click OK and re-render. There we have it! A beautiful rendering with nice depth and smooth shadows.


Go HERE to view these images full size.


Experiment with shadows to produce dramatic renderings for your clients. It doesn't take much time and you might even want to submit your fine work to us as a potential 3D of the Week Winner in This Week in ICE!


*Requires an ICErender license, contact for more information.







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