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ICEcad Guide

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ICEcad is a plug-in that creates a link between ICE and AutoCAD. You can start ICEcad from the ICE 2D plan view toolbar to link ICE to AutoCAD. Once AutoCAD and ICE are linked, the ICEcad ribbon and menu appear. You can access the ICE Product Palette and other ICE functions from the ICEcad ribbon and menus.


Once AutoCAD and ICE are linked, you can work directly in either application and your changes will be reflected in both. For example, if you modify your layout or specifications in ICE, AutoCAD updates to reflect the changes. Or, if you alter the layout or polish elevations and dimensions for architectural drawings, ICE automatically updates. When you save your ICE file, your ICEcad drawing is saved with it. The next time that you open that ICE file and start ICEcad to link ICE and AutoCAD, the drawing automatically opens.


Share ICEcad Drawings with Non-ICE Users

ICEcad also allows you to share your ICE layout with non-ICE users. To share your layout with non-ICE users, you break the link between ICE and AutoCAD and save your ICE layout as a DWG file. This drawing file can be opened in the stand-alone AutoCAD application, like any other DWG file.


Elevations and Plan Details

ICEcad brings automatic and customizable elevations and plan details to AutoCAD, allowing you to quickly and easily create Shop Drawing or review layout sets:

Insert elevations and plan details in ICE or ICEcad.

Use architectural drawing settings and properties to automatically customize elevations and details in ICE or ICEcad, either before or after insert.

Refine your layout after inserting and customizing elevations and plan details, and your customized elevations and plan details will automatically update.



When you start ICEcad and link AutoCAD and ICE, items from ICE and other manufacturer's catalogs appear on separate layers within AutoCAD.  You can work with these layers in AutoCAD to control which components appear on your architectural drawings. Items are separated onto layers by component type and function. These layers are  given  unique names that identify included components or functions. For example the ICE Architectural Walls layer includes Architectural walls.


Versions and Compatibility

ICEcad is compatible with AutoCAD versions 2013 to 2022 and runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. ICE and AutoCAD must have compatible versions. For example, 64-bit ICE cannot link to 32-bit AutoCAD.



ICEcad Menu

ICEcad Ribbon

Linking ICEcad

Accessing ICE and ICE Functions

Using ICEcad Functions to Work with Your Drawing View

Managing Notifications


Saving, Exporting, and Removing DWGs

Working with Architectural Drawings


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