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Working with Architectural Drawings

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ICE features elevation properties and layers that you can use to create and polish architectural drawings in ICEcad. These properties automate the process of creating clean, organized architectural drawings. You can use ICEcad layers to control what you display in your Shop Drawing, isolating important components and hiding irrelevant information. Adjust elevation properties within ICEcad or ICE to automatically update spacing, fonts sizes, and dimensions for selected elevations.


This example image shows an unmodified floor plan in ICEcad:


icecad shop drawings before


This example image shows the same floor plan, cleaned up in ICEcad:


icecad shop drawings after



Changing Elevation and Plan Detail Settings

Inserting an Elevation

Changing Elevation and Plan Detail Properties

Moving an Elevation Marker in ICEcad

Changing CAD Dimension Styles

Viewing and Managing Layers in ICEcad

Index of ICE Layers in ICEcad


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