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The Linking function of Custom Libraries will overwrite your ICE file with the library you want to use. If the linked collection is replaced by an updated library with the same name and finish type, any file that is linked to it will update with those changes.  


When linking a Custom Library, if there is a duplicate item in both the ICE file’s library and the to-be-linked library, linking will keep the item from the linked library and discard the item from the ICE file’s library. There is one exception to this; if the item in the ICE file has more recent pricing, it will keep that one instead.


Workflow tip: Linking is excellent for maintaining a ‘master’, team or standard Custom Library collection that can be used across multiple files or projects. If you or your team maintain a Custom Library that other ICE files are linked to, you can make updates to that Custom Library by exporting an updated library to that location with the same name, effectively saving on top of it. Any other file linked to it will see the updated changes the next time the file is opened or the link is refreshed.


Note: If you intend to use a .collection to share across files, keep in mind that the names and types of the custom items affect linking and merging. If there are two versions of the same item, but one of these fields is different, then it will consider them as two different items.


To link a Custom Library:

1.Open the Custom Library Editor by navigating to Edit > Edit Custom Libraries.

2.In the top right, click Link.

3.A dialog will appear to explain that Linking will overwrite any duplicates you have in your file’s library. You can choose to check Don’t show this again.

4.Click Continue and Link.

5.Navigate to and select the collection you want to link to.

6.Click Link. A dialog will appear to confirm what changes occurred.

7.Your Custom Library Editor will now reflect the changes. A link icon will appear next to all items that have been linked.  


To edit a linked collection:

1.Open the linked collection in ICE.

2.Unlink it.

3.Edit it as desired.

4.Export it to save on top of the original collection (with the same name).

5.The updated library will appear in any ICE file linked to it when the file(s) are reopened or refreshed.



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