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Custom Libraries Guide

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Maintaining Custom Libraries

Exporting Custom Libraries

Merging Custom Libraries

Linking Custom Libraries


What are Custom Libraries?

Custom Libraries allow you to add Customer's Own Material (COM) and DIRTT supplied custom finishes to a library that includes information such as tags, description, pricing, cost, currency, fees, dimensions, etc.  


Customer's Own Material (COM) are materials provided by the client on site or sent into the factory for review. Custom Material or Custom Finishes are items not in ICE but are provided by the manufacturer.


What kind of Custom Libraries are there?

Custom items are organized by catalog types. Each catalog type is its own Custom Library. There is the DIRTT catalog, which includes most DIRTT products, as well as Casework. There is also a separate catalog type for Networks.  


A Note on Network items:

In ICE, all Network products act as custom items. For simplicity, in the Custom Library Editor, the Networks library will automatically display the necessary associated custom libraries for each stamped-in Network object in the file. Additionally, Custom Libraries can be created for DIRTT Networks as needed.


What else can you do with Custom Libraries?

Besides being able to organize and edit custom items quickly, Custom Libraries can also be saved and shared with your team, helping you to more easily manage projects with the same custom items. You can add new custom items in a file or edit them, export libraries, merge in others, or link multiple files to one library.  


Some examples of when you could use Custom Libraries:


Have a project with seven different floors and an approved catalog of custom finishes? Export the library of finishes to your computer or network and use the Link function to reference that Custom Library across each floor’s file.

Working on a large office project and need to include one specific finish? Use the merge function to add it in.


Note: When requesting pricing from the Custom Finishes team, it is best to send the whole ICE file, not just the exported library.  

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