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Shop Drawing Methodologies

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Shop Drawing Methodologies shows you how to use the DIRTT Wall Shop Drawing Template to prepare your Shop Drawing. The DIRTT Wall Shop Drawing Template provides:

DIRTT Branding

Consistency with other DIRTT Shop Drawing templates

AutoCAD functionality that helps you save time


You can use ICE and AutoCAD to create your Shop Drawing. When you launch ICEcad, link-ing ICE and AutoCAD, you can use ICE functions to adjust elevation settings and insert elevations, Schedules, and intersection details. Additionally, you can use AutoCAD functions to add other details, fill out the project notes and the electrical legend, create the paper sheets, and add other project information. You add CAD details while ICE and AutoCAD are linked, or you unlink ICE and AutoCAD to work in the standalone CAD application.



Shop Drawing Requirements

Shop Drawing Template

Starting a Shop Drawing

Adding ICE Details

Adding AutoCAD Details

Editing Existing Shop Drawings

Linking and Unlinking ICE and AutoCAD

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