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Linking and Unlinking ICE and AutoCAD

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If  you want your your Shop Drawing in a separate .dwg file that you can work with in the AutoCAD or share with non-ICE users, you can Export DWG or Remove DWG. When you Export DWG, you create a copy of the .dwg file that you can open and edit in the standalone AutoCAD application. However, you do not break the link between ICE and AutoCAD. The DWG file remains in your .ice file. When you Remove DWG, you break the link between ICE and AutoCAD and save your ICEcad drawing as a DWG file. You can open and edit this file in AutoCAD.


After you Remove DWG, breaking the link between ICE and AutoCAD, you can launch ICEcad to relink the two applications. The next time that you save your ICE file, the AutoCAD information is embedded in it.




Exporting a .dwg Copy of your Shop Drawing

Removing Your Shop Drawing .dwg from Your ICE file

Relinking a Your Shop Drawing .dwg to Your ICE File



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