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After you review Tension Notifications, you can clear them in ICE 2D plan view, the Properties Editor, or Review Board.


To Clear Tension Notifications in Review Board

1.On the ICE 2D plan view main toolbar, click the Review Board icon.


Tension notifications review board 3


Review Board opens to the Action Required Notifications tab, as show in this example:


Tension notifications review board 4


2.Click the Tension Notifications tab.


Tension notifications review board 5


The Tension Notifications tab opens in Review Board, as shown in this example image:


Tension notifications review board


3.Review the Tension Notifications.


4.Click the Tension Notification(s) that you want to clear.


If you want to clear all the Tension Notifications in Review Board,

click Select All.

If you want to clear one Tension Notification,

click it to select.


The Tension Notifications are highlighted blue when selected, and the corresponding notification is selected in ICE 2D plan view and ICE 2D. This example image shows selected Tension Notifications in Review Board:


Clear Tension Review Board 2


5.Click the Clear button.


Clear Tension Review Board 3


A Tension Notification dialog box appears, asking if you want to clear the selected notifications.


6.To clear the selected Tension Notifications, click Yes.


Clear Tension Review Board 


The Tension Notification(s) no longer appears in Review Board. In this example image, the Tension Notifications tab is now empty because we cleared all the Tension Notifications:


Clear Tension Review Board 4



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