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In order from left to right:



Create a New ICE Drawing starts a new file. If you were working on a file before, it will ask you to save before starting the new one.

Open an Existing ICE Drawing (Ctrl + O , File > Open...) opens the file explorer for you to choose a previously saved file to open.

Save the Active ICE Drawing (Ctrl + S) saves your file. If you haven't saved before, it will prompt you to create the save file.

Print (Ctrl + P) lets you print or save a PDF of your 2D window.



Use Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C), Paste (Ctrl + V) and Delete on any item in your file.



Use Undo (Ctrl + Z) to undo you last move and Redo (Ctrl + Y) to redo the undo! Refresh (F5) reloads the file. Got it?



Select is your default tool to move objects and design. Zoom lets you get closer and further from your design and Pan lets you move the design board itself. Switching between them is easy with the middle mouse button/wheel:


Tip: To Pan while using Select, hold down your center mouse button/wheel.

Tip: To zoom easily, scroll with your mouse wheel.

Tip: To return to Select while using Pan, click your center mouse button/wheel.



The Properties panel for products lets you determine things like hardware, various dimensions, and more.

The Finishes panel for products lets you specify what fabrics, colors, stains, etc. it gets.

These panels can also be accessed by right-clicking the products.


Review Board

Use the Review Board to check any notifications flagged in your design. See the Notifications and Review Board Guide for more info.


3D Warehouse

Clicking this will launch Sketchup's 3D warehouse. This is a library of downloadable 3D assets that are not sold or manufacturers by DIRTT. Use this to liven up your renderings or presentations. Accessing this requires a separate paid license for Sketchup.


Live Data/On Demand Data

Live Data is on by default, it makes ICE constantly refresh what you're designing so that you can pull instant reports/sales info and more.

On Demand Data will only refresh this background information if you ask it too. This can help improve performance if you need it.


Export DWG/Remove DWG

Use Export DWG and Remove DWG are functions for when you are connected to ICEcad (requiring an AutoCAD license). You can remove or export a DWG file type.


VR/ICEreality Create/ICE3D/Quotes/ICEcad

VR will launch ICEvr, letting you view your file with a compatible head-mounted display.

ICEreality Create lets you set up an ICEreality experience for others to join. For more info, see ICEreality Guide.

ICE3D will launch the 3D Window.

The money icon will launch your most recently used quote.

The arrow will give you options for various reports related to catalogs you have, like:

Data Center Quote

DIRTT RCS (Recommended Customer Sell)

DIRTT Flex Gas RCS (Recommended Customer Sell)

DIRTT Power RCS Quote (Recommended Customer Sell)

DIRTT Power SFN Quote (Standard Factory Net)

DIRTT Networks RCS (Recommended Customer Sell)

DIRTT Networks SFN (Standard Factory Net)

Start ICEcad will launch ICEcad. See more in the ICEcad Guide.



Last updated: May 2023

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