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FYI Notifications provide extra information about conditions in your ICE file and often address aesthetic or lead-time issues. While you must be aware of all FYI Notifications in your ICE file, they do not always require resolution. Instead, they may simply provide you with information about an item in your ICE file. However, you may decide to take action if the aesthetic issue interferes with your design intent or the lead-time issue impacts project time lines.


The FYI Notification icon is a green circle that displays FYI in yellow text, as shown here:


FYI Notification icon


FYI Notifications appear in ICE 2D plan view, showing the location of the item triggering the notification. This image shows FYI Notifications in ICE 2D plan view;


FYI Notifications 1


The ICE 2D plan view tool bar has an FYI Notification icon that displays the total number of FYI Notifications in the ICE file. In this example image, there are 43 FYI Notifications in the ICE file:


FYI Notifications 3



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