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Tips for Improving Performance

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ICE is a powerful software--and while we are always trying to improve things on the back end, here are some tips you can use when ICE is running slower than desired:

1.Make sure you clean up DWG drawings in AutoCAD before saving in DXF format and importing into ICE. You've been warned! Check out Preparing a DXF File for Import.

2.Keep the Undo tool to 3 "moves" or less. On very large projects set it to 1 or 0. The more "moves" ICE needs to remember, the slower it will run.
You can adjust this under File > Application Settings  > General Settings.

3.Keep your total lineal feet in a file under 1000. If you have full solution (casework and connected infrastructure), keep it under 750-800.


4.Remove extra User Styles that have been saved for all sessions of ICE. More then 20 will start to affect performance.

5.Turn off On Demand data. This will stop ICE from refreshing data (like engineering info, BOM, pricing, etc.) in the background while you work. You can turn off the button in the Primary Toolbar.

6.Turn off Notifications and FYIs. These can be turned off in the Secondary Toolbar.

7.If using 3D, switch to "Better Performance". This is usually prompted in the 3D window, but you can also find it (and more detailed options) under File > Application Settings > 3D Settings > 3D Performance Settings.


8.Wait until near the end of working on a project to place finish and door schedules.

9.When creating shop drawings, if you need to edit sizes or finishes near the end of the process, remove all reports and then do the editing. If you try to make changes with reports still there, it will try to update them at the same time and will slow down everything. To remove the reports, go to Reports > Remove all reports.


Working with AutoCAD


10.When using both ICE and AutoCAD, make sure that if you're using Auto Save that you set the frequency to 30 mins at minimum or turn it off. This is because when running both programs, their respective Auto Saves can bump into each other and may cause ICE to lock up. You can adjust Auto Save in ICE under File > Application Settings  > General Settings.


11.If additional CAD line work is required, copy and paste it into the CAD drawing instead of Xrefing it in.


12.When auditing a drawing in AutoCAD make sure ICEcad and ICE are closed first.


13.Get rid of extra CAD layouts and sheet sets that are not necessary in your DIRTT shop drawing.




Last updated: August 2023

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