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Working with DIRTT Power in the Properties Editor

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When working in the Properties Editor for DIRTT Power you are able to alter wall boxes and receptacles. Altering the wall box is used to edit receptacle properties, wall box properties & electrical cable properties.


To Alter Wall Boxes


1.Box select the wall box.


2.Right-click and select Properties & Finish Editor.


3.Using the drop-down menu adjust the wall box to your desired configuration.




To Alter Receptacles:


Delete the existing receptacle then replace it with desired alternative.


To do this:


1.Select the receptacle and press delete (this receptacle will now be blank).


2.Select the empty space where the receptacle once was and right-click to access the Properties & Finishes Editor.


3.Using the drop-down menu, select the Face Plate Option (Electrical, Blank or Data).




Order matters when dealing with data & power in the same box. In all circumstances, power must be on the far left & data must be on the far right.


Note: Not all data plate choices have coinciding images and some may remain blank despite your change. This change will still be reflected in your DIRTT Power quote despite no picture change.


To Change a Receptacle into a  Blank Receptacles


Blank receptacles can be put anywhere but are treated like a data plate (for later expansion purposes).


1.Select the receptacle and hit delete.


2.Select the empty square that once had a receptacle in it & right-click to Properties Editor.


3.Change Face Plate Option to Blank using the drop-down menu.





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