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Go your own way with path types.


Path Types is the 'choose you own adventure' of fly-throughs in ICE.


What you should know:


The Path Type determines how you move through the 3D space in ICE. There are three types of Paths to choose from:


Curve Path - does not "stop" at each Scene, instead it smoothly drifts through each scene


Smooth Linear Path - moves directly from scene to scene, slowing as it approaches the scene and speeding up as it leaves


Linear Path - moves directly from scene to scene at a consistent pace


How You Do It:


Open the Scenes window and right-click your active Path to choose a Path Type. You can set a different Path Type for each Path in your file.


When to use Path Types:


There are some situations where certain Path Types are more applicable than others. Examples include:


Curve Path

Open office areas with few obstructions (like walls)

Revolving around a particular section of your layout

Turning corners (but not in tight corridors)


Smooth Linear Path

Walking through corridors

Zooming in to show specific detail


Linear Path

Walking through corridors

Walking through your layout like a person (by moving at a constant speed)

Panning laterally through a space like a movie camera


Advanced ICEtip:


You don't have to stop at every doorway! Create an interesting view from just inside the doorway and fly to it from outside the room. This will keep the "tour" moving and the view focused on the interesting features.






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