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Skip the filler (hallways) and get to the killer (interiors) with zero Fly-to times.


What are we talking about:


Set Fly-to times for scenes to "0 seconds" to arrive at a new scene instantaneously, streamline your fly-through and only show what is important to clients in their layout.


How you do it:


1.Open ICE 3D, after you have added Scenes to your fly-through (see Creating 3D Scenes), select the Scenes editor on the ICE 3D tool bar.

2.Right-click a scene and select "Override Fly-to time for (scene name)."

3.Set the Fly-to time above the scene to "0" seconds.

4.Press play and jump to your scenes instantly.


Suggested Uses:


Here are some great ways to use zero Fly-to times:


Skip hallways and doorways by setting certain scenes in your fly-through to zero seconds, avoid long travel times and keep your auidence engaged.

At the end of the tour, use a zero second Fly-to time to return to the first scene for that extra polished look.

Add depth to your presentation by altering longer Fly-to times with fast "cuts."

Create a slideshow by setting Fly-to times for ALL scenes to zero seconds, add a 5 second wait time to ALL scenes and then play your fly-through to watch the show.





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