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ICEscapes Guide

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ICEscapes™ allows you to immerse your design in a realistic virtual world that adds real-world effects like sunlight and street-rendering.


ICEscapes is a plug-in for ICE. When you install and launch ICEscapes, your ICE layout appears in the ICEscapes window, immersed in a virtual world that includes buildings, cars, people, trees, and realistic lighting. This virtual world is an ICEscape.


If you place yourself inside the interior space of your layout, when you look through the windows in your layout, you can see the ICEscape outside. If you move outside of your interior space , you enter the virtual world of the ICEscape.


This image shows the view of an ICEscape from within an interior space:




This image shows the outside view of the same ICEscape:




Location, Time, and Lighting

ICEscapes are more than static backgrounds. In the ICEscapes Control dialog box, you can choose a location, day, and time to simulate sunlight. You can also adjust the brightness of the sun or add and remove clouds from the sky. Light realistically reflects off the buildings and streams into your layout.


If you want to see how your layout appears throughout the day in different lighting, you can creation a time-lapse animation of the sun’s movement. You control the start and end time and speed for the animation. For example, you can make 12 hours pass in 12 seconds.


ICEscapes can also simulate lighting in the interior space of your layout. You can use lights to create a study of light and shadows on your project.


Licencing and Installation

ICEscapes requires a separate license. It must be downloaded and installed separately from ICE. For more information about ICEscapes licensing, contact us at



Downloading ICEscapes

Installing ICEscapes

Opening ICEscapes

ICEscapes Settings


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