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Transferring a Non-visible Custom Item to Another Quote

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In the Non-Visible Item dialog, you can move Non-visible Custom Items to another quote. When you move a Non-visible Item to another quote, the manufacturer updates in the Non-Visible Items dialog.


1.In the Edit menu, choose Non-visible Items.


Non-visible Items 2


The Non-Visible Items dialog opens.


2.In the Non-Visible Items dialog, select a Non-visible Custom Item.


The Duplicate button becomes active.


Non-visible Items 21


3.Click the Duplicate button.


Non-visible Items 22


The Transfer Item to... dialog box opens.


4.In the Transfer Item to... menu, choose the catalog quote the item will appear on.


Non-visible Items 23


5. Click OK.


Non-visible Items 24


The Manufacturer for the Non-visible item updates in the Non-Visible Item dialog.


Non-visible Items 25

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