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The Floor will appear automatically when a new file is opened. It will automatically adjust its orientation relative to the objects you place in 2D, though you can't change the default floor's shape. You can change its floor type in the Finishes editor.


There are two types of floors you can draw: basic floor and a raised floor.

The basic floor is for visual purposes only.

The raised floor accommodates DIRTT Power and so creates a gap where components can fit.


To modify the floor in your plan, you must first draw a floor.

1.Select a floor in the Product Tree, like the Basic Floor in the Architectural folder or the Raised Floor under Products > DIRTT Power > Raised Floors.

2.Click to place the corners of the floor.

3.Right-click when you're finished.


To modify a floor's shape:

1.Select the floor so it is red.

2.Right-click and select Modify Floor Shape.

3.Click and drag the handles.

4.To add a point, double-click on the line.

5.To remove a point, double-click the handle.


Last updated: May 2023

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