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The 3D View is a three dimensional visual representation of your layout. Use the 3D View to interact with the layout as a creator or designer, and as a presentation tool to show your client.  The concept of different Styles in the 3D View help provides the ICE user different modes in which to represent their design.


The Classic 3D Style is the three dimensional representation that has traditionally been part of ICE. It does not need an ICErender license. It displays the scene with “uniform” lighting. It has soft shadows. It displays finishes in a standard, but clear way. As a best practice, ICE recommends to use the Classic style during the design process, then switch to Reveal when ready to produce visuals.


The Reveal 3D Style is the three dimensional representation that provides the user control over the lighting and allows materials to react to the lighting better. Reveal requires an ICErender license. FX Finishes are represented more accurately in Reveal than Classic; for example reflections on the floor and other surfaces help make the design realistic. It allows the user to customize the lighting; by setting up lights where they want and get shadows in intuitive places. It provides more accurate shadows than Classic. It allows the user to represent their design in a more real and engaging 3D setting.


The Wireframe 3D style shows a skeletal view of your ICE layout.


Watch 3D Styels


How to Switch Between Classic and Reveal Styles

In the ICE 3D window tool bar, select the light bulb icon to switch from Classic to Reveal or vice versa.


Quick Tip: Just click on the light bulb to switch quickly, no need to go to the drop down menu.



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