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ICEsheet is accessed just like any other report in ICE; go to the Reports menu and select the furniture catalog with "ICEsheet" located next to the catalog name. The following instructions explain how to customize your ICEsheet appearance.


How to Customize ICEsheet Appearance


1. Click once anywhere in the column header row to sort ICEsheet items.




2. The ICEsheet Sort window will open.

 a. Click Add Level, then click on the new line under Column.

 b. Select a header to sort by.

 c. Under Order, select either Ascending or Descending.




3. Click Apply and note the new organization in ICEsheet.


In the example above, “Catalog” was selected, in “Ascending” order.  The result in ICEsheet is all line items are sorted alphabetically by catalog.




4. To re-organize the order of the columns in ICEsheet, click on a column header and drag to a new location.




5. To eliminate columns, click on the icon above the scroll bar and check off categories not needed.




6. Modify visibility of pricing totals by going to the View menu and checking on/off the totals. The totals are displayed at the bottom of the ICEsheet.



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