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When, catalog updates are available, ICE sends a release email that includes a link to download the catalog updates. Click the catalog link or visit myICE to download catalog updates. Before you update a catalog, you should check the version of the catalog in your version of ICE to see if it is up to date.


Step One: Checking Catalog Version

1. Launch ICE.


2.In the Help menu, choose About ICEbox.


In the Version column you see the version numbers for ICE, catalogs, and Plug-ins. Note the version numbers of the installed catalogs and compare them to the information provided in the release email or the information that is available on myICE.


Catalog version number


Step Two: Download Catalog Update

Follow these steps to download catalog updates.


Step Three: Install Catalog Updates

1.Once the catalog has finished downloading, go to the Downloads area on your computer and double-click on the install file to open.


2.If prompted, click Run to run the setup wizard. Next to run the setup wizard for the selected catalog.


install catalog 2


4.Click Accept License Agreement, and click Next.


install catalog 2.


5.Click Next to install the catalogs to the selected version of ICE.


instal catalog 3


6.Click Finish to exit the setup wizard and complete catalog update.


install catalog 4


7.Return to your downloads folder and delete the installation files.


8.Launch ICE.


Installing Catalogs

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