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Updating a Drawing Saved Before ICE Boston M24

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If you exported or removed an AutoCAD drawing from ICEcad before the ICE Boston M24 release, you must update the drawing to the new ICE file format to relink it to ICE.


To Update Drawings Saved Before ICE Boston M24

1.Open AutoCAD.


2.In the AutoCAD menu, choose Open> Drawing.


    update icecad dwgs1


The Open dialog box appears.


3.Navigate to the AutoCAD drawing previously saved in ICEcad, and click Open.


The drawing opens in AutoCAD. This example image shows an exported ICEcad drawing in AutoCAD:

updatedwgs 4


4.Open ICE.


When you open ICE, a new ICE file automatically opens. Leave this file open, and do not open a saved ICE file. This example screenshot shows an empty ICE file:


updatedwgs 3


5.On the ICE 2D plan view primary toolbar, click the Start ICEcad icon.


  Launch ICEcad 1


The Link to an AutoCAD Document dialog box appears.


6.Under Select an Open AutoCAD drawing to link to, click the opened AutoCAD drawing that you want to to update.


In this example image, the drawing M23 ICEcad File.dwg is selected:


  updatedwgs 1


7.Click Link to Selected Drawing.


updatedwgs 2


In AutoCAD, an ICEcad dialog box apepars.


8.In the ICEcad dialog, click Ok, link and replace data in ICE file.


    Update ICEcad DWGs 5


The ICE information from the AutoCAD drawing appears in the empty ICE file. An ICEcad tab opens in the AutoCAD drawing; this tab contains the drawing that is linked to the layout in ICE. If you want to update the ICE layout from AutoCAD, modify the drawing on the ICEcad tab, and not the original drawing tab.


This example image shows the linked drawing in ICE and ICEcad:


updatedwgs 5


9.In ICE or AutoCAD, save the file.


Whether you save in ICE or AutoCAD, the ICE Save dialog opens.


10.Type a File Name, and click Save.


updatedwgs 6


When you save the file, the .ice file automatically updates to include a copy of the ICEcad drawing.


The next time that you open the file in ICE, open AutoCAD, and start ICEcad, the ICE drawing automatically opens.


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