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Pricing in ICEsheet gives the full scope of what each item's List, Sell, and Purchase price is set. Discounts and up-charges can be changed in ICEsheet; these changes are made in real time to the quote. The following instructions explain how to make pricing adjustments.


How to Apply Discounts in ICEsheet


1.In ICEsheet, right-click, and select Discounts. To apply the same discount to multiple items, hold down the Ctrl button while selecting item.




2.In the Discounts Editor, choose the Discount Type from the drop-down menu, then enter the percentage of discount to be applied in the appropriate field (i.e. entering “10.0” would indicate a 10% discount). When there are multiple discounts, the discounts will be applied in tiers by succession.


For example: When Tier 1 Discount is applied, Tier 2 Discount will be applied to the results of Tier 1 Discount. Then Tier 3 Discount will be applied to the results of Tier 2 Discount.




3.Close the Discounts Editor and note the applied discount in ICEsheet.



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