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Installing ICE software

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ICE software is comprised of the base application, called ICE, and additional catalogs that can be installed onto it, e.g. DIRTT & Extras, DIRTT Casework, etc.

ICE and any catalogs you currently have a license for are available for download on To change your licenses, contact


To download ICE and its catalogs:


1.Access myICE
You will receive an email to set up your OneLogin account.
1. Click the link in the email and follow the instructions.
2. Go to and log in with your OneLogin credentials.

2.Select ICE software and the catalogs you want to download
Under Favorites, select the Full download for ICE software and any catalogs you want.
If you already have previous versions installed and want to update them, select Update. It will tell you what the oldest version(s) are acceptable to use the update installer for.
To see what version you currently use, open ICE and go to Help > About ICEbox.

When you have made your selections, click Download and wait until all the files have downloaded.

1. In your Downloads folder, find the installers.
2. Double-click the ICE installer first and follow the prompts.
3. Repeat for your other catalogs. Note: for DIRTT, install DIRTT first and then Casework.

5.Launch ICE
On your desktop, double-click the ICE icon.
The first time you launch ICE, you must be connected to the internet so you can log in with your OneLogin credentials.

6.Delete Installer Files
After you have installed everything, delete the installation files from your Downloads folder.



Last updated: March 2023

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