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ICE licenses are fully account-based and share the same login credentials as myICE. When you request an ICE license, you will receive an email from ICE Support that contains a download link to myICE and your login credentials. You will use this login information to login to myICE and ICE.


1.Once ICE has finished downloading, go to the Downloads area on your computer and double-click on the install file to open.


2.Click Run to run the ICE Setup Wizard.


run this file


3.In the ICE Setup Wizard, click Next to begin installation.


ICE Full Install 1


4.Accept the license agreement and click Next.


ICE Full Install 2


5.To accept the installation directory, click Next.


ICE Full Install 3


6.Select Create desktop icons, and click Next.


ICE Full Install 4


7.To exit the ICE Setup wizard, click Finish.


When the setup wizard closes, your installation is complete, and ICE is ready for use.


ICE Full Install 6


8.Return to your downloads folder and delete the installation files.


9.Launch ICE.


Updating ICE

Launching ICE

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