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Installing ICEscapes

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ICEscapes installs like any other plug-in or catalog for use with ICE.


To install ICEscapes, you must visit myICE and download ICEscapes. Before you start installation, confirm that you have installed the latest version of ICE on your computer. Then, close ICE.


To Install ICEscapes

1.In the Downloads area of your computer, find the ICEscapes installation file.


If you just downloaded ICEscapes, the installation file is the most recent file. The file name varies depending on the version of ICEscapes. This example image shows the installation file for ICEscapes September 2017:


ICEscapes 2017 install


2.Double-click ICEscapes installation file.


3.If prompted by your computer to give the the Setup Wizard permission to install ICEscapes, click Yes.


The ICEscapes Setup Wizard opens.


4.To start the installation process, click Next.


install icescapes 1


In the Setup Wizard, the License Agreement opens.


5.To accept the License Agreement, click I accept the agreement.


install icescapes 3


The Next button becomes available.


install icescapes 4


6.Click Next.


install icescapes 5


The Catalog Installation page opens, allowing you to select the installation directory.


7.To install ICEscapes with the current version of ICE, click Next.


install icescapes 6


As ICEscapes installs to the current version of ICE, the Setup Wizard shows a progress bar. When the installation completes, the Completing the ICEscapes Setup page opens in the wizard.


install icescapes 7


Tip: If you want to install ICEscapes to another version of ICE, you must select a different install directory. Click the Select directory button, and navigate to the folder that contains the version of ICE that you want to install to.


8.To complete ICEscapes installation, click Finish.


install icescapes 8


The Setup Wizard closes and ICEscapes installation completes.


9.If you want to confirm installation, open ICE.


An ICEscapes icon appears on the ICE 2D plan view and ICE 3D tool bars, showing that you successfully installed ICEscapes. You can click on this icon to open ICEScapes.





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