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Downloading ICEscapes

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To download ICEscapes, visit myICE. Download and install ICEscapes as you would ICE or any other plug-in or catalog.


Before you download and install ICEscapes, you must confirm that you have installed the latest version of ICE on your computer.


To Download and Install ICEscapes

1.Visit myICE.


The OneLogin screen appears.


onelogin ICEscapes


2.Click the Username or Email box, and type your email address.


3.Click the Password box, and type your password.


4.Click Login.


The myICE download page open. This example image shows the myICE download page:


download icescapes 1


5.On the myICE download page, find the ICEscapes download.


6.To choose ICEscapes for download, click the Full box.



download icescapes 2


At the top of the page beside the Download button, the item count updates:


download icescapes 3


7.Click on the Download button.


download icescapes 4


ICEscapes downloads to your computer.


After you download ICEscapes, you are ready to install it.


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