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F3 is ICE 3D's best kept secret, use the F3 key to quickly open your 3D window.


How you do it:


In ICE, press F3 to open your 3D window.


What's in it for you:


Find the ICE 3D window if it is behind other open windows.

Avoid re-sizing your 3D window when you open ICE. The 3D window opens in the same location and size you had it previously.

By retaining your view using F3, you can avoid having to do setup for a rendering or fly-through.






Advanced ICEtips:


The "F" Keys are more than just decoration:


F5 - Activates a re-solve

F10 - Opens the File drop down menu

F11 - Shows current Camera coordinates

F12 - Saves 3D Screenshot






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